December 2019 – Decade’s End

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December 2019 – Decade’s End

Date: 12/30/2019     Category: Captain's Blog    

Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 30 in the month December, Earth Calendar year 2019.

As I write this I am heading to the airport to make sure the plane is plugged in and brushed off in anticipation of our next flight mission. Plugged in refers to utilizing an extension cord plugged into what they call a Tanis heater to heat the bottom of the cylinders to ensure the oil is warm enough to make for an efficient start. Brushing off refers to the great snows we have had up here in Aspen making for a snowy and very merry Christmas season.

As I reflect on the attached year end report I am exhilarated and astounded looking back at the array and number of flights we accomplished in 2019, covering the entire gamut of conservation and partnering with over 300 organizations to bring them the gift of flight. With the extra challenge from an administration that has not been known for its environmental concerns (to say the least) we are quite proud of our ability to respond to last minute requests and fulfill our missions throughout the year.

Yes, we burned more gas, and are pleased to be offsetting our carbon by supporting the Native American Methane Capture Project in Colorado and fighting deforestation in Borneo. And the aerial perspective allows us to continue to be instrumental in creating change in passenger mindsets and educating them on the beauty of and the threats to our wild landscapes in the West, while paying extraordinary attention to climate change.
Janey, Michael, Kristin and I wish you a very happy holiday season and as the sun sets on another year above ground, I would like to make one more appeal for your last-minute additional donation to help us fly for a healthy and sustainable environment. May the force be with you and see you in THE next light year.

Bruce Gordon