April 2020: Earth Day!

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April 2020: Earth Day!

Date: 04/22/2020     Category: Captain's Blog    

Captain’s Log Starship 1XE, Day 22 in the month April, Earth Calendar year 2020.

Social Distancing from an altitude of 2,000 ft. AGL (above ground level).
50 Years of Earth Days! My, how time does fly. It was 50 years ago when Time Magazine published a photo of our planet Earth taken from space. During this time of Pandemic, that image still accentuates how we are all inhabitants of this fragile planet spinning around the sun at 67,000 mph, and yet we are also staying still, as we shelter in place. Someone recently said to me that we are all on this ship together, riding out the storm. But the truth is we are all in many different types of ships, experiencing this lifetime event in many different ways. For some it is business as usual, but for others it is the most devastating of times. These times are teaching many of us what we are lacking, and what we have to offer. We need to work together, help each other out, and keep on keeping on. At EcoFlight, we will be working on ways to bring the aerial perspective to you at home through video and technology while we work our way through this.

That Earth photo prompted one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had, with astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, a friend and one of the first women astronauts. She was shuttle mission specialist and payload commander for five space flights. A pilot who flew T-38s, she was nevertheless keen to learn more about mountain flying in a small plane. When looking at earth from space, Dunbar commented “Looking down at the Earth and then being able to look back out at deep space I think it’s an experience that’s not only physically different, but allows you to have a bigger picture of where we are in our universe. The Earth is very small and we only have a finite number of years on the Earth to make a difference.” This finite number of years is moving by swiftly. The photo above I took of Bonnie lifting off in the shuttle and heading to the Space Station. The lift off touched my soul as the ground shook and the heat and wind washed over us as man left Earth, our only home.

It is a time for inner reflection for sure but on this Earth Day in particular it is for me a day of reflection about our planet and the endless work we must do to continue the forces of balance so that we can have a sustainable and healthy future. It is because of humanity’s collective will to protect our planet that we have achieved many of the conservation victories and protections that are afforded to wildlife and wildlands today. And it will be because of our collective resilience and determination that we ensure healthy ecosystems in the future.

We will continue to do our part as we are confident you will continue to do yours.
This video showcases some of the many beautiful places on earth, here in Colorado. Video will be one of the ways EcoFlight will be moving forward as we continue our aerial educational tours virtually for now.
We will bring back and distribute digital content to help educate and advocate for sensible and balanced approaches for the people of planet earth.
Please stay healthy and stay strong, and as a community we will see the results of our perseverance.

Happy Earth Day,
Bruce Gordon