Granite Meadows

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Granite Meadows

Date: 08/07/2020     State: ID     Issue: Wild Lands     Partner: Idaho Conservation League


EcoFlight worked with Idaho Conservation League and the Forest Service to create a virtual tour of the forest to educate the public about a proposed forest treatment project.

The Payette National Forest will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) to document the potential effects of the Granite Meadows Project. The Granite Meadows Project is located north of New Meadows, Idaho and north and west of McCall, Idaho on the Boise Meridian, within Adams, Valley and Idaho Counties. The analysis will evaluate and disclose the effects of implementing treatments on the National Forest to meet the purpose and need for the project. Proposed treatments include timber harvest, thinning, prescribed fire, road treatments and road decommissioning, watershed improvement and restoration treatments, and recreation improvements. Coordination with existing permits on grazing schedules would also be included to meet the purpose and need related to fuels reduction.

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