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North Complex: Forest could take 100 years to grow back

Original Story: https://ktvl.com/news/local/north-complex-fire-expert-weighs-in-on-fire-behavior-environmental-impact The North Complex, which killed 16 people and devastated Berry Creek, took scientists by surprise and left a lasting scar on the landscape. It will take decades, maybe even a century for the forest to grow back, says Scott Stephens, a fire scientist at UC Berkeley. “For me, it was a very ...
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Flyover video, photos show North Complex fire devastation

Original Story: https://krcrtv.com/news/local/flyover-shows-devastation-left-behind-by-north-complex Photos courtesy of EcoFlight. OROVILLE, Calif. — New video shows the widespread devastation left behind by the North Complex.  A coalition of environmental groups sponsored the Nov. 5 flyover of the burn zone that stretches from Quincy to Oroville. Photos courtesy of EcoFlight. The massive wildfire killed 16 people and destroyed most of Berry Creek.  ...
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Op-Ed: A victory for salmon, two tribes and the Klamath River

Sunset on the Klamath River as it runs through the Yurok reservation. (Los Angeles Times ) Original story: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-11-17/klamath-river-basin-dams-pacificorps-gavin-newsom-yurok-karuk-salmon-warren-buffett After an uphill two-decade-long struggle in one of the nation’s most contentious watersheds, campaigners in the Klamath River Basin moved to the brink of a momentous, well-deserved victory Tuesday. PacifiCorp, a Pacific Northwest utility that owns ...
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